Peterson Talks Smallville: Absolute Justice

As previously mentioned, the two-hour “Smallville: Absolute Justice” TV movie is coming to The CW on January 22, and executive producer Brian Peterson talked to TV Guide about the event that combines two episodes. Here’s an excerpt:

How do you introduce them?

We wanted to make their entrance into the series relevant, so they show up in a time when our fledgling League, that has not named itself or coalesced into anything, is having a few growing pains. So they are coming in to teach all of our heroes a lesson about family and leadership from the mistakes of their own past.

They’re from the future?

They are actually from the past. When we meet them they have been underground and are an older generation of heroes that Clark and Chloe and our generation of heroes didn’t even know existed. They kind of come out of the woodwork and there are a few sparks between our characters and the JSA members at the beginning of the [story].

You can read the full interview here!

Source: TV Guide Magazine