McAdams Debunks Spider-Man 4 Rumor

Last week, it was reported that Rachel McAdams was a frontrunner for the role of Felicia Hardy/Black Cat in Spider-Man 4, but she tells Entertainment Weekly it’s not true:

“That’s a total rumor, I have to say,” the actress, who will next be seen in the Dec. 25 action-adventure tentpole Sherlock Holmes, tells EW. “I was hanging out in Toronto the other day and someone came up to me and said, ‘I just heard you’re doing Spider-Man 4.‘ And I said, ‘Really? No one told me!’ It’s not true.” A rep for Sony Pictures concurs: “It’s an Internet rumor, as so many things are these days.”

That may be true, but there’s been many cases of actors or actresses denying they’ve landed a role in a film, only to be announced a little later as being officially attached. We’ll have to wait and see when official casting announcements are made.

Source: Entertainment Weekly