SHH! Video Exclusive: The Stars of G.I. Joe!

In just a few short days, the long wait will be over and fans who’ve been waiting for 25 years to see a live-action “G.I. Joe” movie will have a chance to check out Stephen Sommers’ G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Hopefully, you’ve already read our exclusive interview with Mr. Sommers (here) or Heather Newgen’s set visit (here), but Superhero Hype! was one of the few outlets who were given access to four of the movie’s main stars.

Channing Tatum (Step Up) takes on the role of Conrad “Duke” Hauser, the newest recruit to General Hawk’s elite team of highly-trained soldiers; Marlon Wayans plays his best friend, Corporal Wallace A. Weems aka “Ripcord.” Sienna Miller takes on the role of the beautiful but deadly Baroness, while Rachel Nichols (Star Trek) is Shana O’Hara, better known as the fierce Southern Belle with the codename of “Scarlett.”

Superhero Hype! sat down with the four actors to talk about their roles and what they took from the original comics and cartoons. You can see the best bits from our interviews with the four stars in the video below.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra opens everywhere this Friday, August 7.

Source: Edward Douglas