New Spirit Posters, Sin City 2 Update

Two items related to Frank Miller today. First up, UGO has debuted two new posters for The Spirit which feature Gabriel Macht and Samuel L. Jackson. You can check out the posters by clicking the image below!

Staying with The Spirit for a moment, tells us that Miller was in Rome to present Liongate’s Christmas Day release. He showed a new trailer and four scenes from the film. You can read descriptions of the footage shown here!

In the Q&A session with Miller, he also touched on Sin City 2:

I can’t talk about my projects, because I don’t believe a movie is real until I see the title on the screen. There are many things that can go wrong. But I can tell you that I’m very close to begin ‘Sin City 2’ with Robert Rodriguez. We have to arrange a few things and we’ll be back in action.

Source: UGO,