James Gunn Debuts New The Suicide Squad Poster, Talks Story’s Villain

In a matter of days, The Suicide Squad will finally hit theaters. And maybe then James Gunn can take a breather, but for now he’s in full promotional mode. Not that long time ago, the director claimed that he had creative freedom in his upcoming film like never before. Recently, Gunn also took to his socials to reveal a new poster for The Suicide Squad poster. It features part of the squad heading on a bus to their suicide mission.

You can see the new The Suicide Squad poster here below.

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While technically, all the protagonists of the upcoming movie are villains, there is someone worse than the bad guys. As the trailers have already shown, the team will face off against Starro. Apparently, the alien used to intensely scare Gunn — to put it mildly — when he was a kid.

“Starro scared the s— out of me as a kid,” Gunn said while talking with EW. “I know he’s a big pink-and-cerulean-blue starfish, but I thought he was terrifying. There’s something about the way Starro attached to people’s faces that was just so scary to me. And this was before Alien, you know. He was so scary to me, and creepy, and also just so big and colorful and completely Jeff Koons-comic-booky that I thought it was a fun villain to deal with.”

The Suicide Squad will debut in theaters and HBO Max on August 6.

What do you think about The Suicide Squad poster? And what do you expect from the main villain? Let us know in the comment section below!

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