Update #4: Ready to Take a Stand?

The Dark Knight viral site CitizensforBatman.org has updated with two coordinates where Batman fans will want to gather when the countdown clock hits zero! (9pm Central Time in Chicago and 10pm Eastern Time in New York on Tuesday). Two threads on both gatherings can be found here and here!

In related news, GothamCableNews.com has posted a new clip from the next “Gotham Tonight.” And want to see the Toyota F1 team “racing” the Batmobile? You can check it out using the player below (the Batpod also makes an appearance).

UPDATE #1: Fans with the Joker phones just got the following from


OK clown, I see one last test of skill in your future. Post this where everyone can see it: LAMB

UPDATE #2: WhySoSerious.com/Overture has come online…

UPDATE #3: The two rally points at CitizensforBatman.org have updated to say they will offer a live video stream and text updates. You can check them out by clicking the two coordinates (Chicago and New York).

UPDATE #4: Check out those two rally point links again! A Domino’s Pizza commercial is now online as well here.

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