The Joker’s To Do List is Almost Complete

The Dark Knight‘s main viral site has been updated with all of the viral marketing events and sites to date! On the Joker’s To Do list, if you click on #11, you’ll be taken to That game? Already cracked by the fans. Go and have been updated. You can find better photos of the package that came from Citizens for Batman here and here. The note reads – “Citizens for Batman – It’s time to go public. To really defend Batman, we have to show the world how big our movement is. So check out the goodies inside and show your pride in CFB: And get ready for a MAJOR show of force July 8th. (check out for the latest). Defend Gotham, Defend Batman! Brian Douglass Founder, Citizens for Batman.”

Blockbuster has also begun selling Batman Begins Blu-ray Disc Limited Editions with a Gotham National Bank envelope coming with it.

Turning to the regular marketing for the film, the official website has been updated with links to the promotions and to the Comcast site.

The Dark Knight hits theaters and IMAX on July 18.

Source: Mike, Peter Irons, Cole, Vic The Mick, ScareJoker101, Chris, jansona