Update #8: Alternate Dark Knight Trailer, Gotham Tonight Clip!

An alternate trailer for The Dark Knight and the 8-minute viral Gotham Cable News program “Gotham Tonight with Mike Engel (played by Anthony Michael Hall)” have started airing on Comcast On Demand, but you can watch them right here!

UPDATE #1: Looks like the studio has removed the Gotham Tonight clip from YouTube. Perhaps it will surface here soon.

UPDATE #2: TheGothamTimes.com has updated with Volume 3 of the newspaper.

GothamCityPizzeria.com has come online and is powered by Domino’s Pizza. Expect something to happen there on June 16th. Perhaps special pizzas?

And the Joker is texting images to people with the Batman phones which read Group 1, Group 2 etc. More details here.

UPDATE #3: Harvey Dent has posted victory statement on his campaign website, while TrustGarcetti.com and DanaWorthington.com have been updated as well.

UPDATE #4: GothamCityPizzeria.com has updated and is offering free pizzas in a selection of places!

UPDATE #5: “Gotham Tonight” can now be watched here!

UPDATE #6: GothamCableNews.com is now asking fans to submit photos of their “Batman sightings.”

UPDATE #7: As you know by now, you can watch a new Two-Face clip here. Also, ‘Z(+)DIAC’ and ‘Ed’ sent us these photos of the items they received yesterday from Gotham City Pizzeria (AKA Domino’s Pizza):

UPDATE #8: The full text for the note that went out:

The authorities are after us, so we had to be a little secretive about our hide-out. We know you’re someone we can trust, so we’ve made it easy for you:


username: Nycticeius

password: merritt

You need to share this information with other concerned Gotham citizens like yourself.

Join us – and help us fight back against the enemies of Gotham City.

Never give up,



Source: Alex, FofR, Enache Tiberiu, ScareJoker101, Jenisis, E-Man