Louis Leterrier Runs Through Hulk Trailer

Empire Online has posted a cool feature in which The Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier runs through the new teaser trailer that was released last night and explains action sequences, new characters, the CG and talks a lot about the design decisions he and Universal made on The Abomination. Here’s a clip:

“I really wanted to justify [Abomination’s] appearance. I really wanted to wrap my head around the original scaley-with-big-ears monster that was in the comic book, but I couldn’t justify it. The guy isn’t crossed with a fish; he’s not crossed with a lizard. Just like the Hulk he’s an über-human — his body, everything, grows out. And the way he gets injected with the serum, he’s shot in the skin and the muscles, and shot inside the spine. That makes his bones grow thicker and bigger and longer, making him a super-weapon. So he’s got that spine that flares out, which becomes a weapon. He’s got elbows that stick out and become these martial arts, Chinese knives — things that can slash back and forth. He’s got this tongue thing and the heel-spikes… so he’s a killing machine. It’s pretty cool, it’s funny. He’s got bones sticking out, so it becomes like an exo-skeleton which he uses as armour…”

You can check it all out here. The Incredible Hulk hits theaters on June 13.

Source: Empire Online