New Justice League Cast Members?

Keep in mind that Warner Bros. has yet to reveal any cast members, but this is a list of names Superhero Hype! received over the weekend as to who might be cast in Justice League. Yes, we realize the much rumored Adam Brody is not listed here as The Flash. Our answer? We just don’t know what’s up, plain and simple:

Superman – D.J. Cotrona

Batman – Armie Hammer

Wally West/The Flash – Anton Yelchin

Aquaman – Santiago Cabrera

Iris – Zoe Kazan

Wonder Woman – Megan Gale

Talia al Ghul – Teresa Palmer

Green Lantern – Common

We must repeat, the above names are not confirmed. They might not be confirmed for a while, because a new article talking about the writers strike at The Hollywood Reporter says that Justice League might not be as sure of a thing as it seems:

At Warner Bros., “Justice League of America” finds itself without a shooting script and has options expiring on potential actors who recently were screen tested. As a result, it might have to postpone production.

Source: Superhero Hype!