Vaughn on Thor Script & Budget

The Guardian has posted a piece written by director Matthew Vaughn (Stardust, Layer Cake), in which he talks about the Thor script and budget. Here are several clips:

Afterwards, we drove home, where I greeted screenwriter Mark Protosevich as a guest.

In truth, I did not treat him very well as I forced him to work for the whole weekend – he is the writer on Thor, my next film, which I am directing with Marvel. The weekend was a success – we finished the script and celebrated with an ’88 Palmer, and I was feeling good and ready to tackle the necessary evil of film promotion.

My phone has just rung. Marvel loves the script. The only problem is that it has been costed at $300m and they ask how I am going to reduce it by $150m. I think I prefer being asked what it’s like working with De Niro.

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Source: The Guardian