Katee Sackhoff Remains Bionic

The Hollywood Reporter says that in a real-life thriller rivaling the twist and turns on NBC’s “Bionic Woman,” Katee Sackhoff has signed a last-minute deal to continue on the series as a recurring after almost getting close to walking out.

“Battlestar Galactica” star Sackhoff did a scene-stealing guest spot on the pilot for “Bionic” as bad bionic woman Sarah and nemesis to Jamie Sommers (Michelle Ryan).

David Eick, who executives produces “Battlestar” and “Bionic,” is said to have been instrumental in bringing her on board the NBC/Universal Media Studios pilot, which was filmed in Vancouver, where Sackhoff was working on “Battlestar.”

Sackhoff had been featured heavily on the network’s promos for the series and touted as a recurring on “Bionic” but didn’t have a deal to stay on beyond a couple of episodes, and she and Universal Media Studios were far apart on terms.

The deal closed late Tuesday.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter