Sylvain White Talks Ronin

UGO recently got a chance to talk with Sylvain White about directing the upcoming live-action adaptation of Frank Miller’s DC Comics graphic novel, Ronin.

The project, optioned last month by Warner Bros., is about a disgraced samurai warrior (the ronin) who bears the shame of allowing his master to be assassinated by a shape-shifting demon in 13th century Japan. When the master’s sword is unearthed in mid-21st century New York, the ronin and the demon are brought to life and battle gangs of mutants and thugs to try to take possession of the mythical sword. Here’s a clip:

Daniel Robert Epstein: Years ago I got to interview Zach Snyder for the DVD of Dawn of the Dead and I said to him, “Please don’t f*ck up 300.” I also was lucky enough to visit the set of 300 but even when I finally saw the film I still didn’t expect it to look that way. Even though Ronin is also drawn by Frank Miller, it was a lot earlier in his career so it looks much different from the works that were later adapted to movies.

Sylvain White: Yes, it’s different in a lot of ways. It’s Frank Miller’s first completed graphic novel on his own. It’s very different style-wise and it’s also very different story-wise. It’s not as structured as 300. The adaptation process is a very different one, and the look is going to be completely different from 300.

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Source: Daniel Robert Epstein