Transformers Movie Updates has posted scans of Entertainment Weekly‘s piece on Transformers, which includes new photos. You can check those out here and here.

Pepsi has also launched its website for the the company’s Mountain Dew promotion.

Meanwhile, has an update on the production and recent leaked ad:

>> He’s been super busy editing the movie and in the process shooting the ads that will accompany the release of Transformers. He’s doing ads that involve GM and Pepsi.

>> The unreleased ad (Prime speaks) that was posted on youtube was a test that European were making with the ads. The clip where OP was “speaking,” lets just say that it wasn’t OP or Cullen speaking. It was something the European studios added on their own. In fact, it was a test shot.

>> As reported by Slate, Spielberg and Bay are not at odds. Where do they come up with this?

>> As reported by naysayers and haters, Bay never said “the cartoons were amatuer and our movie is spectacular” in Empire magazine. He was referring to the animation and complexity of the transformation of the cartoon robots themselves and not the cartoons as a whole.

Source: Superhero Hype!