UPDATE: The Dark Knight Filming Begins?

‘Anthony’ wrote us from Chicago with possibly the first bit on The Dark Knight filming:

It is no secret that Batman is filming in Chicago this month, but I may have a location for you. On my way to take my wife to work today I noticed a lot of film trucks, when I picked her up the full crew was out shooting some night shots. I could not see exactly what they were filming, SO I CAN NOT GUARANTEE that the filming was in fact for Batman The filming was taking place in a part of town that used to be rundown, but is now pretty trendy. Still it has its share of empty lost, one of which was being filmed at tonight. Anyway, I was unable to get any pictures (forgot to grab my camera), but I will try. Also, the filming was going on at Taylor and Loomis on the UIC campus for anyone else who wants to try and get a peek.

UPDATE: ‘LV’ tells us the filming was not for The Dark Knight but for a different Batman – Michael Keaton:

The film that they’re filming at the place is not The Dark Knight, but the other Batman (Michael Keaton) is directing a movie “The Merry Gentleman”. I live a about 2 blocks away, and noticed the trailers and i though it was DK also, but not till i checked the suntime’s website and came up with this:

Actor Michael Keaton, in town to film “The Merry Gentlemen,” was in at LaVita eatery on Taylor street recently and was so impressed that on April 11 he’ll be filming at that spot. He’ll be back the next day to film at the popular Mia Francesca, which will be closed to accommodate the shoot.

Source: Anthony