Dunst on Spider-Man 4 from ShoWest

“Well, I think Sam has dedicated so much of his life, like more than ten years, to the ‘Spider-Man’ franchise with so much passion and love, the man is burnt out at this time,” she told reporters. “I think he needs a long vacation to put his creativity towards something else and then maybe we’ll revisit it. I told Sam that we should do a ‘Spider-Man 4’ that’s completely low budget–‘Evil Dead’ style–where Mary Jane has eight children with very little special effects and then we’ll get a whole new audience, we’d make a lot of money because it wouldn’t cost as much and everyone would go see it.”

When asked about the rumors that Sony is moving forward with a fourth movie with or without Raimi, Dunst was surprised that someone would even suggest it. “Do they want to give Sam Raimi a heart attack? That’s evil. Sorry, that’s not happening any time soon. I would just say no for Sam’s sake so that he can have a break. We would all do it together because Sam, Tobey and I are a team now, but there’s no way it’s going to happen very soon. I just can’t imagine that. We don’t have the story to tell right now.”

“I really have evolved as an actress and as a person from 1 to 3, so for me, the role has grown with me,” Dunst said when asked about what she felt she has brought to the role of Mary Jane. “She’s always a woman searching and she’s always been someone that at that time of my life I could relate to. In this film, because we’re older and the relationships are deeper than we’ve seen in the last two, it’s only made all of our roles so much more meaningful to all of us. We never rest on our laurels with these films, we always try to make it better, and I think it’ll really show in this third one.”

“Where is this being fed to?” Dunst asked inquisitively. “The internet? Great.” (And cause you can’t tell tone of voice from reading this, let’s just say that she seemed less than thrilled by that last bit.)

Spider-Man 3 opens on May 4.

Source: Edward Douglas