Harvey Dent/Two-Face Talks

Aaron Eckhart talked to MTV about taking on the role of Havey Dent/Two-Face in The Dark Knight and let slip some key items:

Is Eckhart exclusively Harvey Dent in “The Dark Knight”?

“Yeah,” Eckhart said, before reconsidering after a brief pause, “Well, I’m Harvey Dent … then I go into Harvey Two-Face.”

And what of speculation that, in this new installment, it’s going to be the Joker (played by Heath Ledger) who scars the eager district attorney?

“I think I’ll be killed [if I comment on that] — I’m not even sure I can say as much as I have,” Eckhart joked as a wicked, Dent-ian smile broke across his face. “There are snipers looking at me right now!

He talks more about the character here.

Source: MTV