Ghost Rider Gets Pre-Game Super Bowl Spot

Advertising Age reports that Ghost Rider will get a pre-game Super Bowl spot:

Last year, when the Super Bowl aired on Walt Disney Co.’s ABC, Disney promoted “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest,” but it has no plans to promote the third installment in this year’s telecast, instead using the high-profile event to showcase the comedy “Wild Hogs” and likely the computer-generated family flick “Meet the Robinsons.”

Other big franchise movies that are expected to dominate the box office this summer and will be absent from the game include Dreamworks’ “Shrek 3” and Sony’s “Spider-Man 3.” Sony will buy a spot in the pre-game for its comic book-based “Ghost Rider,” which opens Feb. 16.

The full list of advertisers so far can be found here.

Source: Advertising age