Duracell and WB Joins Forces for Superman Returns

Duracell released the following announcement about its new Superman Returns commercial and free Powerlight (with purchase). The company has also launched a Superman Returns website where you can view the Powerlight.

Duracell this week revealed a Super Hero-themed commercial as the latest spot in its successful “Trusted Everywhere” advertising campaign. The new ad, entitled “Superman,” was unveiled as a part of an integrated promotional partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures, tied to the release of the Studio’s forthcoming action adventure Superman Returns, which arrives in theaters on June 28.

The 15-second spot begins with several visual cues from the movie – Clark Kent’s black-rimmed glasses, Superman’s telltale red and blue uniform and red boots and a picture of Lois Lane. The camera then shows a close-up of Superman focusing on an alarm clock ringing on a bedroom nightstand as he uses his X-Ray vision to reveal a Duracell battery inside.

It is a unique “tongue and cheek” treatment in which the overall takeaway of the spot is that everyone, even Superman, has to depend on a battery. This is highlighted by the copy line – “even a Super Hero has to get up in the morning. Duracell…Trusted Everywhere.”

The commercial began airing on network and cable shows on June 5, marking the eleventh ad in Duracell’s long-running “Trusted Everywhere” campaign. The campaign, which debuted in September 2002, creates an emotional platform that leverages trust as a powerful equity of the Duracell brand.

Along with the new commercial, Duracell will introduce several promotional extensions including Superman-themed retail displays and special packs containing a free Superman Returns Powerlight. The special packs, offered in AA 8-packs, will be available nationwide at participating retailers beginning this month.

“We’re delighted to partner with Superman Returns, which promises to be a summer blockbuster,” said Mark Bertolami, vice president of global marketing, Duracell. “We’ve had tremendous success with previous entertainment-based advertising and promotional campaigns. These programs appeal to consumers, create strong value for retail partners and provide a creative way for us to reinforce that consumers can trust Duracell to power their important devices.”

Source: Duracell