The Superman Returns Presentation at WonderCon

Scooper ‘L’ attended the Superman Returns presentation at WonderCon in San Francisco on Saturday. The Comic-Con footage from last summer was shown and director Bryan Singer and star Brandon Routh did a Q&A with the crowd:

Nothing major was revealed, but here are the highlights:

– Singer said Superman Returns is larger than both X-Men and X2.

– He wished he could have directed both X3 and Superman Returns.

– Lex Luthor is “more sadistic” (Singer’s exact words) in this movie, having been to prison for years.

– Lois Lane having a child and a fiance is the biggest problem (aside from Kryptonite) that they could think of to give Superman.

– The reason the “s” is so small on the costume is that they tried a larger S and it made Routh look way too small.

– There was never any competition between Singer’s X-Men films and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man ones. Singer said he knew Raimi for 20 years and the only competition would be if they opened the same weekend.

– Singer said he thinks X-Men 3 will be great, now that he has seen the last trailer.

Singer also revealed during the panel that he is working together with his “The Usual Suspects” screenwriter Chris McQuarrie on the remake of “Logan’s Run”.

Source: L