Batman & Constantine in TV Deal

Variety says that Batman Begins is part of an eight-title package bought by FX from Warner Bros. Pictures for a total license fee in the $30 million range.

FX gets Batman Begins first in the window in late 2007/early 2008 for multiple runs before the title shifts to AMC for a batch of runs, returning to FX to finish out the contract. The FX deal is for three years.

Two other Warners titles will go to FX as first plays: Constantine, which the network gets in late 2007, and “Taking Lives,” available to FX in late 2006. AMC has bought some runs of Constantine following the FX plays, and Oxygen Media has bought second plays on “Taking Lives.”

FX has picked up second runs of the five other Warner titles: “Last Samurai,” “Terminator 3,” “Troy,” “Ghost Ship” and “Cradle 2 the Grave.” AMC gets first dibs on “Last Samurai” and “T3.”

Source: Variety