New Ghost Rider Set Report

‘Abe’ is back with another Ghost Rider set report from Down Under:

So I went down to the Telsta Dome this morning, around 7am, on the word that the Ghost Rider filming would be there taking place around 8am.

I wasn’t mislead as they were indeed there. Walking over the bridge which connects Telstra Dome to Spencer Street Station I was able to look down on the crew as they move equipment out of the vans. I saw plenty of tables and chairs, with crew sitting on them, especially underneath the bridge as I walked down to have a closer look. It seemed to me that they were going to have a crew meeting under the bridge. I didn’t see any cameras and/or security staff however, so I’ve since left the set. On my way leaving however I did see the van for the extras as there is a large sign out the front stating where the extras were to wait.

I’ve been told the lights and cameras are set up at the end of La Trobe Street, looking over the train station towards the Telstra Dome, so I’m going to go down there during my lunch break today as they may still be there then.

Later, ‘Abe’ wrote back with more:

Went back to the Telstra Dome during my lunch break and was able to walk right past the Johnny Blaze tour bus. Saw the Team Blaze number plates and all!

Walked up to where the Spencer Street Station bridge meets the Telstra Dome entrance and saw at least 3 large Johnny Blaze tour posters promoting his “Touchdown Jump.” Saw Nicolas Cage dressed in bike leathers with flames behind him.

Further to the entrance was three stands where you could buy merchandise for the Johnny Blaze jump, however these were cordoned off by security.

The big screen at the Telstra Dome had images of Johnny Blaze on a bike jumping over his name, and then “Touchdown Jump.” Afterwards the screen flashed “Sold Out” in red.

Couldn’t take any photos but I’m sure some will appear online soon. It was very cool and I’m very glad I saw what I saw. I also walked past a Channel 7 van so I suspect it will be on the news tonight.


Source: Abe