Ghost Rider Set Pics and Reports!

Melbourne Ghost Rider fans have really stepped up to the plate, delivering us daily updates from the sets in the city, and today is no different! From the looks of it, writer/director Mark Steven Johnson has got some excellent things in store for us.

Here is ‘Wolfgang’ with a couple of great shots:

My friend and I were in the city today and spent some time watching work on the Little Lonsdale Street set. The crew were laying down a section of fake burnt and broken bitumen, setting up some shop signs and working on the overturned cars previously described by Maarten. The security people were preventing people from taking photos, but I managed to get a couple of shots.

You can check out those pictures here!

Also reporting in today was ‘Grant’:

Went to have a look at the set in Lt. Lonsdale St last nite hoping they would be filming. Someone there told me they were filming in the Treasury Gardens so went there about 9.OO PM and was not hard to find as it was so bright from the lighting and film trucks parked everywhere. Was able to stand about 50 feet from filming a scene and recognized Wes Bentley and Peter Fonda doing the same scene over and over again. There were others standing behind Bentley in the scene but didn’t recognise who they were made up with wigs etc. One of them was taken back to the make up trailers which were parked on the street and when i walked back past it soon after the door was open and he was having the make up removed. Then saw him outside but didn’t speak to him. Very tall and skinny. Any Idea who he was?! Anyway very interesting to watch filming. I was told there will be filming during the day for a change at Lt. Lonsale St on Sunday.

Stay tuned for possibly more reports soon.

Source: Wolfgang, Grant