Brad Bird on an Incredibles Sequel

Buena Vista Home Entertainment is getting set to release Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles, Oscar winner for Best Animated Feature and Sound Editing, on DVD and got a chance to talk to writer/director Brad Bird this weekend. The 2-Disc Collector’s Edition (read our review) includes an all-new, never-before-seen animated short “Jack-Jack Attack,” which uncovers Jack-Jack’s previously unknown super powers and reveals what happened while Jack-Jack was alone for one truly outrageous night of babysitting.

The DVD also features an alternate opening, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes features on the film and its creators at Pixar Animation Studios, Incredi-blunders, bonus programs on the art and technology of the film, Pixar’s short film Boundin’, which premiered with the movie in theatres, top-secret files on all the film’s superheroes, character interviews, feature filmmaker commentary with Bird and his fellow filmmakers, and much more.

We asked Bird if there are any plans for a sequel. “If I had an idea that I felt was as good and better than the one we did, you don’t just want to repeat yourself. You want to take it in a new direction. If I could find something as good as ‘Toy Story 2’ was to ‘Toy Story’, I would love to return to the world. But I think it’s also about assembling the original team and respecting the audience and all of that. I think if those things can happen, I love the characters and I love the

world and I’d love to do more with them.”

With more and more studios turning to computer animation, Bird was asked if he thought Pixar would ever make a hand-drawn feature. “It’s the strangest wish fulfillment thing for everyone to want that. I don’t know of any plans to do it, but I also know that this company never says never to anything. I think the only thing they say ‘never’ to is they will never cheap out and do something less than cynical and give the audience less than what they expect in terms of Pixar’s best. Every time I think that I figured them out in terms of what they’re gonna do, something shifts and something new happens there. So, there are no plans to do one, but the moment that I said it will never happen, probably someone would say, ‘Hey! Have you heard about the new hand-drawn project?’ It’s a wild place; it does not exist to put technology on the screen, it exists for character and stories. And if they felt there was a story better told hand-drawn, I don’t think the fact they are know for computer animation would stop them.”

What’s next for Bird? “Pixar is very good cause they know what it takes to make one of these films. Pixar is very good about letting you crash, they are exhausting. When it’s your idea and everything on the screen has to be created and built. They are all-encompassing, exhausting, and I have about a month and a half of vacation saved up so I’m going to take it. And I’m still working on the DVD until it comes out, in terms of talking about and going around. So I’m going to take some time off, but I’ll get to work. Don’t worry.”

The Incredibles will be available on DVD March 15th.

Source: Andrew Weil