Ricci Wants a Batman Begins Sequel Role

‘King’ wrote in with a bit from a Christina Ricci interview in which she talks about a sequel to Batman Begins:

In an interview with the Central Westchester newspaper, for “Cursed”, Christina Ricci says – following a long plug for her guest appearance on “Joey” and how it was a dream come true, blah, blah – that she would love to be involved in, the next BATMAN film.

“I heard they want to bring Catwoman into the next one. I so loved Michelle Pfeiffer’s performance in the original one, and I think if they want someone to play the lead role – it’s her. However, if they’re looking for a younger Catwoman, someone more around Christian’s (Bale) age – I’m available!”, she gushes. “It would be great. That suit, the whip….wow. I will definitely have to get my agent onto that one”.

Ricci later slammed reports that there’s going to be a sequel to “Cursed”.

“It’s a one-off. Wes never intended to do a series of Cursed movies like he did the Scream movies”.

Seems like it would be a little early for her to know what characters will appear in the follow-up. ‘Captain Villa’ also wrote:

On BBC Radio WM just, they interviewed “RHINO” from the UK version of Gladiators. He said that now Gladiators is over, he is an actor. He went on to reveal that he is to star in BATMAN BEGINS as a bodygaurd to Liam Neesons character.

Source: King