Eva Mendes Joins Ghost Rider

Fox News reports that Will Smith’s “Hitch” co-star Eva Mendes has just signed to play a role in writer/director Mark Steven Johnson’s Ghost Rider. Nicolas Cage plays the title role in the Columbia Pictures comic book adaptation, with Wes Bentley playing baddie Blackheart.

The Marvel Comics property centers on a motorcyclist who makes a pact with dark forces, gets double-crossed and battles the bad guys to protect the woman (Mendes perhaps?) he loves.

The movie is being produced by Michael De Luca, Avi Arad, Gary Foster and Ari Arad. Johnson rewrote a Shane Salerno script. Shooting begins this month in Australia.

‘Robert’ also tells us rumor has it that Steve Johnson’s Edge FX had an opportunity to do designs for Ghost Rider and Australian company Dalchem (model, special effects, and prosthetics specialists) are working on the film.

He also mentioned that Halon Entertainment are doing work on the film:

From what I understand the fx team are using the very latest Maya software from Alias. Spider-Man 1, 2 used it and almost every major feature film uses Maya. Here’s a link to video featurette explaining how Sony Imageworks used Maya to create the fx in Spider-Man.

You can check out the cool video here.

Source: Robert