Hugh Jackman to Produce X3 & Wolverine

In a Variety article talking about how “X-Men” series star Hugh Jackman is developing three new musical features at Disney (more here), it also states that he’ll be producing X-Men 3 and Wolverine:

Jackman has formed a company with new partner John Palermo…whom he met when the latter was Bryan Singer’s assistant on “X-Men.”

Jackman would seem a good candidate to broaden the audience appeal of tuners. He is most readily identifiable to moviegoers for the “X-Men” character Wolverine and the vampire hunter Van Helsing.

He’ll continue on the action track: Jackman and Palermo will cut their teeth as producers by getting involved in the third installment of “X-Men,” as well as a “Wolverine” spinoff feature “Troy” scribe David Benioff is penning at Fox.

He is expected to return as Logan/Wolverine in both films as well, of course.

Source: Variety