More Constantine Reviews and News

We’ve got more reviews from Constantine test screenings, but first up this tidbit from ‘Tony W’:

I went to Best Buy today and I bought the Matrix super box set thingy and when I was at the register the lady gave me another disc that was in a cardboard sleeve that looked like the new Constanteen poster. Well I went home and popped it in the DVD and there were some behind the scenes clips and the trailer.

Now, for the reviews, first up is ‘Anderson’:

They had a test screening of The Keanu Reeves film “Constantine” in the theater where I work at yesterday night in LA. The responds of all that have attainted the screening were a little mixed in terms of what they have seen. Some liked it and some did not, which are the same responds you get at all test screenings. My opinion of the movie itself is rather good with a reservation about Keanu Reeves. While Keanu Reeves performance in the film is ok, it’s really the same character that he plays in the Matrix movies, but with an attitude problem and a chip on his shoulder. Not bad but he’s the weakest link in the entire cast and he’s character is really not a person that anyone would want to stay long enough in a room by themselves with. Rachel Weisz, who plays his partner in the movie, gives a way better performance in my opinion than he does. She’s a real pillar of acting prowess in this film and her performance is the movie’s best asset. Gavin Rossdale (Mr. Gwen Stefani to those who don’t know) give a good performance as well as an archangel who is after both Reeves and Weisz’s characters and Mr. Even Steven’s himself Shia LaBeouf makes his mandatory glorified cameo as the comic relief. The special effects are good and the way the movie is shot does have a vibe of the light and darkness that’s in everything that is in our lives. It’s a good film and I don’t have a doubt that it will do well when it comes out next year but I don’t think I will see a sequel with Keanu’s character in it. Seen him once in the role is all that I can take and stomach.

Next up is ‘Steve’:

I saw a preview screening last night of the movie Constantine up here in New York and it’s really a toss up in the good and bad department. Keanu Reeves tries to come across as an man with a holy mission but just ends up making an fool out of himself though out the entire film with a character that has no redeeming qualities what so ever. You don’t really give a damn about him or his problems and you actually want him to get hurt because he’s such a jerk. The female cop (Rachel Weisz) who is following him during the course of the entire movie is a better character than he is and a much better actor as well. She’s at least made me want to sit though the entire movie to see what will happen with her character while I was hoping for Keanu to get killed off in a very brutal way. Shia LaBeouf is also good and that’s because he’s not in the movie that much and he’s not as annoying as he was in I Robot. The guy who played Papa Midnight was also good but he’s not in the movie that much as well. The bad guys did not do much other than try to look menacing in all their digital glory and the pay off of the film is rather hooky. The story is good but the screenplay feels like it was rewritten several times because some of the actions of the characters seem sporadic in certain scenes of the film and the film is just way too dark to see a lot of what is going on right in front of you. The visual effects are good for what is expected and certain scenes do hold a resonance but that’s really it. I hold much respect for the efforts made by Rachel Weisz, the guy who played Papa Midnight and to a lesser degree Shia LaBeouf (a little of him does go along way) But Keanu Reeves fumbles really bad in his role and let them and the audience down with a performance that has straight to video written all over it.

And last but not least is ‘pillpoper’:

I caught a screening last night of the film Constantine up here in San Francisco in an art house theater that is near where I live. The movie stars Keanu Reeves as a detective that deals with the supernatural who helps a female police officer fight against the forces of evil in order to save her twin sister’s soul from the the forces of evil. The story is ok but it lacks a bit of originality and some of the acting is not really not that good. (I though the man who played Satan was horrible.) Keanu Reeves does well with his role and Rachel Weisz (who plays the Police Officer and her Sister) gives a very dark and complex performance that is really pretty good. The special effects are effective and the dark realm that represents hell is pretty innovative. It’s a good movie but don’t expect much more than that

Source: Superhero Hype!