No Ben Affleck in Elektra?

This is interesting. ‘zminusx’ tells us about the latest issue of Wizard magazine:

In the new issue of Wizard (issue 159), in the interview with Jennifer Garner, she denies that either Ben Affleck or Colin Farrell are in the movie…

Further on in the issue, they have a quick capsule article about the Daredevil in Elektra rumor, stating that 20th Century Fox denied it, then Wizard predicts that Affleck will show up, but not as Daredevil, instead simply as Matt Murdock.

This is kind of weird since this “rumor” has been everywhere, even mentioned by Affleck himself.

I figure that he and Farrell must have been cut from the theatrical version of the picture.

Or… Ben Affleck was just covering up his visit to the set so that he could see Jennifer? Who knows! We’ll see when January 14 rolls around.

Meanwhile, ‘Rocco’ wrote in about more articles on the film:

The current issues of Instinct, Black Belt, and Inside Kung Fu magazines have mentions of the upcoming film “Elektra”. Inside Kung Fu has a full 3 page article about the film and its star Jennifer Garner, as well as a parellel article about the Zhang Ziyi film “House Of Flying Daggers”.

Source: Superhero Hype!