Brandon Routh Cast as Superman – UPDATED!!

Latino Review claims that unknown actor Brandon Routh has been cast in the title role of Warner Bros.’ Superman, to be directed by Bryan Singer:

The man who Singer has picked to play Clark Kent/Superman is none other than a relatively unknown actor by the name of Brandon Routh (Seen here in the photo to the right dressed in his own Superman outfit on Halloween last year).

Brandon’s name has appeared on the web as being a possible contender a few month’s ago, but most recently appeared on this Iowa based TV website.

For more on the report, hit the link above. You can check out his stats here and more pictures on Routh’s official website.

UPDATE!! – We checked with our own independent sources at WB and they confirmed that Brandon Routh is indeed cast as Superman. Our sources added that they don’t know when Lois Lane will be cast. They also threw in tidbits that Superman writers Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris were recently spotted on the WB lot going through stacks and stacks of Superman comic books, so it appears that they are going back to the source material for inspiration. Our sources also confirmed that General Zod will be involved in some capacity. More to come!

Source: Latino Review