UPDATE – New Batman: Begins Photos Coming

Moviehole tells us they have received word that new Batman Begins images will hit the movie’s official website, starting this Friday:

Keep checks on the official BATMAN BEGINS website over the next few days as Warner uploads some more stills from the highly anticipated film. And yep, one of them will be a shot of ‘The Scarecrow’.

On Friday, October 15 you can check out :

Ken Watanabe

Linus Roache

Tom Wilkinson

On Tuesday, October 26 you can check out:

Cillian Murphy

Rutger Hauer

Katie Holmes

Stay tuned to the site at the link above!

UPDATE: Moviehole has provided us with the following update regarding the pictures on the 26th:

Apparently those dates are now going to change slightly – the Oct 26 listing is now tbc (should only be a few days after the original specified date), but everything else, including the Oct 15th photo line-up, are still happening.

Source: Moviehole