Sentinel Maquette Plus Cudmore & X3

‘a1ant’ from sent us a couple of interesting items about the “X-Men” franchise. First up is word and pictures of a Sentinel maquette that was created for X2: X-Men United

A look at what may come X3 and future X-MEN films. Guy Dyas and James Jones designed this maquette/ sculpture for the computer animators to create a fully CGI Sentinel. Jones provided us with hi-res photos featuring this very maquette/ sculpture.

According to James Jones, the Sentinel would’ve cost around $8 million!!! Due to the high price, and the budget that X2 had, the mutant hunting machine was cut from the film, including many other planned characters.

*The sculpture is hollow in to show how it can retract itself into a disk.

A previous quote from Bryan Singer (originally appeared in Total Film Magazine):

“The Sentinels are something we looked at for X2. I originally brought Guy Dyas, my production designer, on board to do Sentinel designs for me and he came up with a clever design and built a maquette of it, which actually sits in my home! But we felt, for X2, the concept of giant robots is a difficult sell. But it’s definitely something we may have room for in the future.”

Hit the link above for the pics! Also, the site has learned that while Daniel Cudmore (aka Colossus) has signed a sequel option with 20th Century Fox, the studio has not exercized their option for Cudmore to return in X-Men 3 just yet.

Source: a1ant