ESC Off of Superman & Constantine

Scooper ‘anon’ sent us an interesting update on ESC Entertainment, which was previously working on special effects for Warner Bros.’ Superman and Constantine

After previously awarding the special effects work for Superman to ESCfx in Alameda, CA (The Matrix sequels, among others…) Warners has cancelled it.

They also pulled the work they were finishing on Constantine. Such a last minute move has effectively killed the company. Hundreds of people who have killed themselves on Warner films over the last few years out of work.

Rumor is that the Superman work will go to Sony, but that’s unconfirmed.

Sony has ImageWorks, for more on that effects company, click here. ESC’s website is located here.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed the above scoop and has more on the company shutting down here. The trade adds that Mark Stetson will serve as visual effects supervisor on Superman.

Source: anon