UPDATE: Superman “S” Spotted on Channel 10?

This isn’t confirmed, but ‘gobbles’ shared this interested bit over the weekend…

I was watching the Channel 10 news tonight and the entertainment reporter (angela bishop) was doing a piece from Fox Studios up in Sydney. Nothing special, just talking about the Australian film industry. What caught my eye though, behind her on two large set doors was a very familiar looking “S” symbol in black and green. Hope you find this interesting.

Production on the project is set to begin at the Fox Studios in Australia this Fall.

UPDATE: Shortly after posting the above we received the following…

Hi guys I just wanted to correct a post I saw today. I’m a ***** at FOX in Sydney, the report you recieved a few days ago about the superman “S” is half true. There was a small “S” plasted on several doors. It was green on a black background and looked like it was carved out of Kryptonite. Superman is not moving in yet, this was a running joke between a few of the production crews.

Source: gobbles