Sam Raimi Talks Spider-Man 3

The BBC has posted a new interview with Sam Raimi talking about both Spider-Man 2 and the May 4, 2007 Spider-Man 3. Here’s clips on the third film…

You’re currently at work on the script for Spider-Man 3…

I just finished this morning [Monday 12th July] – I mean the basic story. I’d been working on it with my brother.

The sense you get towards the end of Spider-Man 2 is that Peter Parker and Harry Osborn will face off in the third. Is that a fair assumption?

Well I’m trying to… I can’t tell you.

What can you tell us?

It’s going to follow the natural progression of the growth of these two individuals, Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker. It will be a love story and it will track the relationship as they encounter new conflicts that separate them. And hopefully their own will and love for each other will bring them back together in the piece. Harry will be a problem, but I’m not certain if Harry will become the Goblin or not. The thing I’m really not certain about is if he comes to feel, “Now I have the means to destroy Spider-Man – I was too weak before but now I have a way and I will become the man that my father always dreamed I could be.” Or, does he feel: “Now I understand why Spider-Man had to destroy him, because he was a mass murderer and now my anger can drain away from me.” It could be an answer to a question and it ends the pursuit, but I’m not certain which way to go.

Thanks to ‘Andy’ for the heads up!

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