Alvin Sargent Comes to Spidey’s Emotional Rescue

USA Today has up a new article talking about Spider-Man 2 writer Alvin Sargent. It mentions he’ll be helping with the script for Spider-Man 3. Director Sam Raimi and his brother Ivan are currently sketching an outline for the third film.

So you think you know the identity of the real hero behind the amazing success of Spider-Man 2, which just broke the $200 million box office barrier in a record-busting eight days?

No, it’s not that struggling college kid Peter Parker (played once again by Tobey Maguire), who says of his skintight Spidey costume: “It’s a little itchy … and it rides up the crotch.”

Instead, it’s the man who put those refreshingly candid words in his mouth.

Thanks to Alvin Sargent, 77, a publicity-shy screenwriter who won Oscars for 1977’s Julia and 1980’s Ordinary People, the sequel to 2002’s comic-book triumph is a popcorn rarity, earning raves for its emotional resonance as well as its special effects.

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Source: Superhero Hype!