Anchorman Ron Burgundy Thinks He Beat Spidey

Spider-Man 2 will likely take the top spot at the box office again this weekend, and “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” star Will Ferrell is having some fun with that. ‘Mike’ says…

Will Ferrell in the commercial thanks America for helping Anchorman be the number one movie in America and then off stage someone comments it wasn’t them it was Spider-Man. He asks “Really? We didn’t even beat him by a little bit?” He nods his head and then says “Oh, the movie hasn’t even come out yet?” Then it breaks to clips and the message coming Friday.

‘JesusInColor’ wrote in a bit later with the exact lines from the spot…

This is a correction for the Anchorman TV Spot. It ACTUALLY goes like this:

Ron: “Thank you, America, for helping make Anchorman the #1 movie in the land.

Not only are we #1, but we TROUNCED Spider-Man.”

Offstage: (unintelligible)

Ron: “What? We didn’t beat Spider-Man? Not even by a little?”

Offstage: (unintelligible)

Ron: “What? It’s not even out yet?”

Source: Mike