Molina Talks Doc Ock Gag

CNN spoke with Alfred Molina about his role in Spider-Man 2:

“The 51-year-old London-born actor nicknamed the extra limbs Harry, Larry, Flo and Moe.

Harry and Larry were the lower extremities, which held him in place during feats of strength — like hurling cars through coffee shop windows. “They were bigger and heavier,” Molina said.

“The two upper ones were slightly smaller, still very powerful. But Flo, on this side,” he said, gesturing to his right shoulder, “had all the delicate intricate stuff to do,” like removing his characters glasses and lighting a cigar.

Although his character is frequently a mix of live-action and computer graphics, each scene with the real tentacles was played with the help of about 16 puppeteers, four for each arm.

Molina, who was in rehearsal for “Fiddler” at the time, even managed to work the musical into a scene.

“It was the end of a very long day and we were doing a shot of Doc Ock coming up from a gurney, just rising up. I think on the last take I just went into the first four bars of ‘If I Was a Rich Man,’ ” Molina said.

As he performed, the puppeteers who manipulate the metal arms made the tentacles dance along. “It’s apparently on film somewhere,” Molina said. “I think they’re saving it for the DVD, one of the special features.””

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Source: CNN