Christian Bale Makes EW’s Must List 2004

‘Daly’ wrote in to tell us that Christian Bale made Entertainment Weekly‘s Must List 2004 because he’s starring in Batman Begins! Here’s a clip…

SO DID BALE TAKE THE ROLE BECAUSE HE’S A SUPERHERO FAN? Not really. “I like scary movies. As a kid I liked to take walks in the woods at night after a scary movie to see if I’d get hairs standing up on the back of my neck.”

HOW ABOUT SOME ADVICE FROM THE LAST BATMAN “Early September in a Batsuit is a living hell,” George Clooney told Entertainment Weekly.

AND FROM THE FIRST “Here it is,” says Adam West, from his Idaho home. “It’s important to be very careful about your cape. Don’t use it for sexual high jinks. It can get ugly. Trust me. Also, be careful when flushing. And, um, be mindful of the parking meters with the Batmobile. They’re everywhere!”

BALE’S THOUGHTS ON WEST’S ADVICE “It sounds like he’s still playing Batman, doesn’t it?”

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Source: Daly