Hot Toys Exclusive Figure Puts Christian Bale in a Blue and Gray Batsuit

Though many Bat-fans love The Dark Knight as one of the truest-to-character Batman movies ever, it’s safe to say the Batsuit in it is not. In fact, it’s a wonder that the same fans who got mad about flames on the Transformers movie’s Optimus Prime generally said nothing about the overly busy, fragmented Christian Bale costume. Now, in a weird attempt to make it more comics accurate, Hot Toys just revealed a brand new summer exclusive figure of Bale’s Batman in blue and gray. Maybe it’s the shininess of the blue, but it looks bizarre.

Dark Knight, Metal?

Yes, that’s a metallic finish on the suit that’s canonically a more rubbery material. This isn’t about screen accuracy, but rather a thought experiment. Could the blue and gray work on a movie suit? Judge for yourself with this take, as we wonder what James Gunn’s DCU Batman will wear.

From the official description, “the highly-detailed figure features a Batman cowled head with interchangeable lower faces and separate rolling eyeballs system; a greatly poseable body portrays Batman’s strong and muscular form; a Batsuit that highlights its metallic blue and matte grey color scheme with a finely tailored fabric cape; signature bat gadgets including EMP rifle with LED light up function, sticky bomb gun, grapnel gun, batarangs, mini mines. The figure even includes swarm of bats, a bat-emblem inspired diorama accessory and a staged figure base for dramatic set up.”

The figure will be available “only in selected markets,” which is hard to parse at this point. There’s no specific word exactly where he’ll be or how much he’ll cost. But while we wait for that news, Hot Toys has provide their usual bevy of product images for your perusal. Get a gander at them below.