Catwoman & Spider-Man 2 HBO First Looks Coming

‘Venom’ pointed us to HBO which says it will premiere “Spider-Man 2: HBO First Look” at 10:45pm on Thursday, June 24. Here’s how it describes the special…

This featurette spins a web into the production of Sam Raimi’s blockbuster sequel in which Peter Parker faces new challenges in his personal life…while his alter ego Spider-Man deals with an octopus-armed enemy. Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Alfred Molina and James Franco star.

Visit the link above for the full schedule of when the program airs. Meanwhile, “Catwoman: HBO First Look” will air even earlier on Wednesday, June 14 at 8:45pm…

Behind the scenes of this action-adventure that stars Halle Berry as a murdered woman whose favorite feline helps her come back to life to exact revenge on her killers. Meow! Sharon Stone co-stars.

The schedule for that special is available here.

Source: Venom