Encore Cancels Daredevil Console Game

Here’s a bit of a shocker. According to GameSpot, Encore Software has cancelled plans to release the Daredevil game for Xbox and PlayStation 2…

News of the cancellation came from an earnings report filed last week from the Navarre Corporation, Encore’s parent company. In the report, Eric Paulson, Chairman and CEO of the Navarre Corporation stated, “Included in our results, is our management decision to shut down the development of Encore’s video game console projects which primarily consisted of the Daredevil video game project. As a result, the Company wrote off $4.3 million of development costs during the quarter and a total of $5.6 million for the fiscal year. These charges are reflected as a reduction in our gross margin. We have refocused Encore on its core competencies of software publishing.”

Hit the link above for more on this. Thanks to ‘LiquidCourage1’ for the heads up.

Source: LiquidCourage1