How Dashboard Confessional Was Approached for Spidey

The Denver Post talked to band Dashboard Confessional and mentions how they were approached about making a song for Spider-Man 2

A day in the privileged life of Christopher Carrabba can go something like this: Wake up early, even though your band, Dashboard Confessional, just got back from a smashing Australian tour last night. Pop in an advance screener of “Spider-Man 2.” The producers want you to write a song for the soundtrack, a song that will later be chosen as the lead single for what will surely be one of the biggest blockbusters of summer 2004. And watch the movie months before it hits theaters.

Hit the link above for the full article! Meanwhile ‘Rich Parker’ sent us a picture of a cool New York billboard for the sequel which has its own ticker at the bottom with the date scrolling. Check it out here!

Source: Superhero Hype!