Spidey 2 Burger King Promo & Better Vindicated Clip

A couple of cool new items for Spider-Man 2 this morning. First up, ‘MaTcH’ has an update on the Burger King promotion…

Went into my local BK tonight after to work to grab a bite. Dude behind the counter gave me this lil’ flier. Scanned it in for you guys because I remember reading that stuff from the BK manager guy this week or last. Krapptastically bad quality, but, still you gets a lookie look at what they have in store.

Also, we received better-quality links to Dashboard Confessional’s “Vindicated” Spider-Man 2 video. Just pick one of the following to watch the clip:

QuickTime, High Resolution Download

QuickTime, High Resolution Streaming

QuickTime, Low Resolution Download

QuickTime, Low Resolution Streaming

Source: Superhero Hype!