Gyllenhaal on His Close Brushes with Superhero Movies

The Calgary Sun chatted with “The Day After Tomorrow” star Jake Gyllenhaal about being linked, at one point or another, to Spider-Man 2, Superman, Batman, and The Green Hornet.

When Tobey Maguire’s back injury threatened to keep him from the high-flying stunts of Spider-Man 2, rumours abounded that Gyllenhaal would be his replacement.

“They definitely talked to me about Spider-Man. I would have done it if they had needed me, but Tobey was able to do it after all.”

Gyllenhaal admits he was also in the running to play Batman but the role went to Christian Bale. “It’s a character I would have loved to do and it would have meant working with Christopher Nolan who is such a genius.”

As far as playing Clark Kent and his alter ego Superman, Gyllenhaal says “that’s the stuff dreams are made of, but nobody has talked to me about that. “I’m available if they want me.”

Kevin Smith did talk to Gyllenhaal about playing the Green Hornet. “I don’t think that movie is going to happened any time soon any more, but there was talk and I am interested.”

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Source: Calgary Sun