THQ Reveals The Incredibles Game reports that THQ recently revealed its new game based on the upcoming Pixar movie, The Incredibles

THQ debuted its new videogame, “The Incredibles,” at an event at Pixar’s lush headquarters two weeks ago. Following the first public unveiling of the new trailer for “The Incredibles” movie, director Brad Bird (“Iron Giant”) was on hand to talk about the film.

Bird said that “The Incredibles” combines all the elaborate elements of the old Disney films with the modern sensibility of shows like “The Simpsons.” He believes the film will play to kids 6 and older, but also has the potential to attract an audience that normally wouldn’t get into an animated film.

This bodes well for THQ’s videogame based on “The Incredibles,” which is the second in a three-title licensing deal with Disney and Pixar. THQ-owned Heavy Iron Studios was on hand to play through several levels of the new game, which will ship for Xbox, PS2, GameCube, PC and Mac before the movie opens on Nov 5.

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