New Catwoman Movie Collectibles Revealed

‘Timo’ pointed us to Toon Zone who have posted new pictures and details of upcoming Catwoman movie collectibles from Gentle Giant Studios. The items include a maquette, a mini-bust and a stature. Click the link above to check them out. The site also has more details on the adaptation of the film:

Get ready for CATWOMAN: THE MOVIE, the exciting adaptation of this summer’s hot action adventure flick starring Halle Berry, Benjamin Bratt, Sharon Stone, Lambert Wilson, and Frances Conroy! CATWOMAN: THE MOVIE is adapted by writer Chuck Austen (Uncanny X-Men, ACTION COMICS) with art by SMALLVILLE’s Tom Derenick & Adam DeKraker and a stunning cover by superstar artist Jim Lee (BATMAN, SUPERMAN)!

Witness the origin of this Catwoman, as the black-clad heroine bares her claws to exact her own form of revenge! This Special also features a section of Lee’s sketches of Halle Berry drawn on the set of the film, showing the development of the Catwoman costume.

The CATWOMAN MOVIE ADAPTATION is also available in CATWOMAN: THE MOVIE AND OTHER TALES, a 128-page trade paperback that collects three memorable Catwoman tales from recent years and features a movie photo cover. Included here is Catwoman’s modern origin from CATWOMAN (first series) #0 (written by Doug Moench with art by Jim Balent & Bob Smith), and a story from CATWOMAN (second series) #11 (written by Steven Grant with art by Brad Rader, Mark Lipka & Dan Davis).

CATWOMAN: THE MOVIE is a 64-page Special edited by Tom Palmer, Jr. It is retro-solicited to arrive in comic book stores on June 30 with a cover price of $4.95 U.S. CATWOMAN: THE MOVIE AND OTHER TALES is a 128-page trade paperback that is retro-solicited to arrive in comic-book stores June 30 with a cover price of $9.95 U.S.

Source: Toon Zone