Caine to Steal the Show in Batman Begins?

In a script review of “Bewitched” at FilmJerk, the site mentions a brief bit on Batman Begins

Summer 2005 will belong to Michael Caine. His role as Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s loyal servant, in “Batman Begins” is incredibly riveting. In that screenplay, he steals the show.

Also, scooper ‘coolsurface’ wrote this in about the military connection in the film…

My reliable sources here in the UK have some good dirt on BATMAN BEGINS! Concerning the Bat-suit:

Apparently this suit will be an adaptation of a military power suit that Wayne Enterprises is developing. Basically Mr.Wayne nicks one and does his thing!!

David Goyer’s script has really helped unmask some of the unknowns regarding Bats – “where does he get those wonderful toys?” Answer – Wayne Enterprises and its military assignments.

I’ve also heard there maybe references to Luthorcorp due to the military links!!

Stay tuned for more on the film.

Source: Superhero Hype!