Batman 149 cover by Dan Panosian
(Image Source: DC / Dan Panosian)

Bat-Family Gets a New Home in Batman #149

The Batcave and Wayne Manor are two famous pieces of comic book history. Even the most casual of superhero fans know of the home of Batman and the base of operations under his stately mansion. That has not been the case in recent years, but Batman #149 finds Bruce Wayne establishing a new home for himself and the Bat-Family.

Written by Chip Zdarsky, with art by Michele Bandini and Steve Lieber, Batman #149 serves as an epilogue to the battle with Zur-En-Arrh. Bruce Wayne was forced to fight an idealized persona of himself, who had taken over a robot body. While the war was won, there were still loose ends to tie up. This included reclaiming control of Wayne Enterprises and the discovery that Zur-En-Arrh had restored the Wayne family fortune.

Bruce Wayne had been operating in reduced circumstances after the Joker War event, living in a modest brownstone in Gotham City. The discovery of new savings enabled him to think of an upgrade. Rather than reclaim his ancestral home, however, Batman set his eyes to the future and his found family of vigilantes.

Batman building a new mansion base in Gotham City

Bruce used part of his new savings to buy several blocks full of dilapidated buildings in Old Gotham, including the long-abandoned Lohmuller Mansion. The building had sustained major damage even before The Joker used it as a base of operations. However, Bruce saw possibilities for the neighborhood and intended to develop it for low-income housing. As for the Mansion, he renamed it Pennyworth Manor after his deceased adoptive father. He began repairing it himself and invited his partners to join him in fixing it and living there.

Bruce Wayne Reveals Pennyworth Manor in Batman 149
(Image Source: DC)

At present time, the new Bat-Family home does not have a cave under it. Bruce said he had plans toward that end, but they needed to get the mansion properly fixed first. For now, however, the Bat-Family has no concerns greater than which bedrooms and bathrooms are claimed first.

Batman #149 is now available at comic shops everywhere.