Batman and Catwoman by Clay Mann
(Image Source: DC / Clay Mann)

Batman #149 Confirms Status of Batman and Catwoman Romance

It has been a wild few months for Batman and Catwoman following the Gotham War event. Bruce Wayne was occupied with fighting his Zur-En-Arrh persona as it tried to take over the city. Selina Kyle was likewise busy, exploring the limits of her newfound nine-lives powers. This left them (and readers) wondering as to the status of their romance after so long apart.

Batman #149 by Chip Zdarsky, Michele Bandini, and Steve Lieber offers some answers. The two on-again, off-again lovers join together near the issue’s end as Bruce is tending to the last of the loose ends from his battle with Zur-En-Arrh. The two catch up on one another’s lives, though Selina admits that Barbara Gordon had already clued her in somewhat. More importantly, she told Catwoman that Bruce’s lashing out at her during the Gotham War was due to Zur-En-Arrh’s manipulations.

Batman and Catwoman are still together

Catwoman Kisses Bruce Wayne in Batman 149
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The two lovers reflect on their lives and how it is apparently impossible for either of them to live a normal life. They both agreed that normal was overrated, however, and that they could both live with “weird, but surprisingly good.” That just left the question of where Batman and Catwoman stood with each other.

Bruce invited Selina to join the rest of the Bat-Family in living with him, but Selina declined. She liked having her space and asked Bruce if he really thought he could get her to move in by “adding even more people to your house.” She did, however, agree to join Bruce inside his new mansion and base, so that he should show her something of his plans for the future. Presumably those plans for the future will be revealed in the upcoming Batman #150.

Batman #149 is now available at comic shops everywhere.